Become a Better Public Speaker

Learn the secrets to influencing an audience, gain the confidence you need to present in front of big groups and find out a bunch of practical tips to put together better slide decks.

Life changing! Would recommend it to anyone

A few years ago I set out to talk to singers, comedians, actors, world class presenters and psychologists to find out what made a presentation great.

I’ve had coaching from some of the best in the business and been through a number of different courses. 

All of this learning has been distilled down into a one-day course to help a small bunch of people improve their  presentation skills.

It’s not just for people who want to present at conferences either. If you have to present to a group of people, either for external sales or internally, this workshop will help you too. 

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Corporate Events

If you don’t want to come to an event and have a group of people in your organisation who could benefit from the training? Drop me a line and I can run through the options for holding in your organisation.

Course Content

Act 1 – Psychology of Public Speaking

Getting to the day of the presentation in the right frame of mind, confident that whatever you set out to do, you’ve prepared for it and are ready to go. Also looking at what the audience is thinking and how you can use that to get your point across. 

Act 2 – Story Telling

Getting the narrative right for your message is crucial in making sure it’s understood. 

Act 3 – Your Song

It’s not just what you say but how you say it, and we’ll look at both elements. Understanding how changing tone, speed and pitch can influence and how to use stories to keep your audience engaged. 

Act 4 – Your Dance

Often overlooked in a business capacity, but how you dance around the stage is crucial to how you’re being received. Learn how to stop reading the slides behind you and focus on engaging the audience. Important note: no dancing will be required as part of the workshop. 

Act 5 – Slide Deck

Death By PowerPoint is one of the greatest crimes in the modern workplace. Find out how to avoid, understand why you shouldn’t get hung up on the number of slides in your deck and take away some practical tools and tips to improve your work… even if you’re not a designer.

 Act 6 – Tips

Practical tips to remember for when the big day happens and remembering to review what you’ve done and how you’ve managed to make progress against your objectives.