Are you a business owner, entrepreneur, or marketer looking to get a better understanding of marketing strategy to advance your business or career?

Eximo Marketing Founder and Strategy Director, Andi Jarvis, has partnered with the Executive Education centre of the University of Vaasa, a renowned business research university, to create and deliver an industry leading course.

The course offers an academically developed framework for creating your own digital marketing strategy that has real world usage. Broken down into three key areas, the course covers Data, which informs the Strategy and then explores Implementation, and how to move from strategy to action.

How is this course delivered?

The course is taught entirely in English and online via the Teachable platform. It provides a series of high quality videos and current readings related to the 9 different topics related to digital marketing.

You will also have access to a comment forum with other participants and Andi Jarvis.

Learners can take the course at their own pace, develop skills that will improve their marketing and build a marketing strategy as the programme unfolds.

Upon purchase, you will have 4 month access to the course materials, and to complete the course. When you have completed the course, you will receive a certificate of proof.

How much is this course?

Enrolment for the Digital Marketing Strategy course costs just €249.

This saves you hundreds if not thousands in comparison to similar courses on the market.


The course pairs the practical and client-based experience of Eximo Marketing, with the academic excellence and rigour of the University of Vaasa. This means that you get the best of both worlds: up-to-date best practice from the world of marketing, and course delivery from a renowned research university.

“COVID changed the way many people want to learn and we see a huge future for remote learning. As we expand outside Finland our approach is to partner with the leading industry experts and create new courses that fit a market demand.

Partnering with Eximo Marketing has been a brilliant experience for the University of Vaasa. Andi has brought his expertise, fresh thinking and brilliant presentation style to this course and we’re looking forward to welcoming people from around the world to the Digital Marketing Strategy course.”

Mikael Hallbäck, Head of Unit at Executive Education, University of Vaasa.

“It’s been really exciting to partner with the University of Vaasa on this project. Creating the strategic digital marketing module has been a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to seeing people learn and benefit from it. The framework I use in the course has been tried and tested with hundreds of my clients across Europe and using this system will help businesses of all sizes improve their marketing.

Working with a higher education institution on something like this is new to me. Bringing my 20 years of practical experience and partnering that with the best academic theory has created a course that is robust and useful. It’s been great collaborating with the University of Vaasa to bring this course to market.”

Andi Jarvis, Strategy Director, Eximo Marketing.


The Digital Strategy Marketing course is available on the Teachable platform. You can sign up now for €249.

Get started and become a better digital marketer today!